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An RPZ backflow preventer serves one main purpose in the commercial world: keeping your customers and employees healthy. At Vander Vennet Plumbing Services, we work on many types of RPZ units and systems to ensure the water supply is safe to ingest, drop for drop. If you’d like to request an inspection of your current system for repairs or new installation, contact us at (815) 299-2575.

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What is an RPZ Backflow Preventer?

First thing’s first: the definition. An RPZ device, or backflow preventer, is used to reduce or eliminate backflow of water in a plumbing system’s water supply. Utilizing a series of valves and releases, an RPZ device removes any instance of contaminated water from the drinking line or any public line from which water is used. According to Illinois law, it is a requirement that all swimming pools, lawn sprinkler systems, and commercial buildings be fitted with an RPZ system to ensure safety of such water supplies. You can read more about the law at the state’s site,

Professional RPZ Installation and Testing

Additionally, Illinois state law requires RPZ units to be tested at least once per year. With years of experience working with RPZ devices and other backflow preventers, we here at Vander Vennet will put our expertise and professionalism to work on your property. Because your customers’ safety is your top priority, it’s also ours.

Below you’ll find some backflow services that we offer exclusively to our commercial customers:

  • RPZ backflow preventer installation
  • RPZ testing
  • Valve cleaning and assessment
  • Proper report filings with state
  • RPZ unit maintenance

Of course, we also do work on all other essential commercial plumbing and residential plumbing systems. If you’re located in the Rockford, IL area and need anything related to water utilities, such as water treatment systems, water heaters, or backflow preventers, call Vander Vennet today at (815) 299-2575 for a free estimate.