Water Heater Repair Rockford IL

Having a functioning water heater is essential. So what happens when it begins to leak all over your basement? It leaves you screeching in the shower, that’s what. Rockford’s own Kenny’s Plumbing Service is here to return your hot water heater to its former glory. Contact our experts today at (815) 509-5845 to get a quote, and we’ll help your morning routine get back on track.

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Water Heater Repair and Maintenance

Knowing a freezing shower awaits you in the morning can lead to nightmares. Don’t toss and turn all night knowing you’ll be run through the gauntlet when the alarm rings. Our water heater repair experts in Rockford are here to evaluate the following situations and come up with a solution.

  • Leaks from the water heater
  • Smelly water
  • Trouble keeping up with volume demands
  • Loud noises when refilling or draining
  • Rusty water
  • Fluctuating temperatures, or water is always cold

Everything from poor ventilation and valve erosion to gas or electric heating element malfunctions could be the culprit when you’re in need of water heater repairs. Only seasoned veterans like those from Kenny’s Plumbing Service can determine the problem. Each situation is different, and although most hot water heaters last a long while, many problems can arise from ordinary use over time. Some signs listed above may mean that you need to say goodbye to your good friend and find a new, more efficient heater.

Hot Water Heater Installation

Your home is your sanctuary. If your water heater has delivered its last drop of hot water, don’t downgrade to cold showers. Instead, let us recommend and install an affordable traditional or tankless water heater. Your home and your skin will thank us. In addition to water heater installations, we also install and repair other residential and commercial plumbing systems, such as water softeners, in the Rockford, IL, area.

Hot water heaters provide you with more than steamy bathrooms: they offer peace of mind, so that every morning, when the sun is pestering your eyelids awake, you can know that everything will be alright once you start up a good lather. If you need to embrace that feeling again, call Kenny’s Plumbing Service at (815) 509-5845 for your free estimate and assessment.