Water Softener Rockford IL

Does your skin feel dry, patchy, or itchy after a shower? If you don’t have a water softener or another water treatment option, that may be the problem. At Kenny’s Plumbing Service, we install, repair, and perform maintenance on most water treatment systems, so your skin can feel fresh and smooth each morning. Contact us at (815) 509-5845 today to schedule a visit to your Rockford, IL home.

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Installing a Water Treatment System

Water Treatment System Rockford IL

If your home receives hard water — that is, water with high mineral content — and you aren’t hooked up to a softener, you really should invest in one. At Kenny’s Plumbing Service, we understand the nuisance that is hard water. As Rockford’s most trusted local plumbing company, we’ve installed hundreds of water treatment systems in residences.

Don’t you love your skin? If so, come to us to receive a recommendation on a water softener system that is perfect for your home. For instance, we frequently install Addie FMP models that offer mechanical water meters to help eliminate wasteful water usage. Since these water softeners are mechanical, they run annually on just pocket change. This is an excellent option for homeowners who dislike the idea of extra utility costs. Other softeners may work better in your home, but it all depends on what your needs are.

Water Softener Repair and Maintenance

If your water softener needs repaired, look no further than Kenny’s Plumbing Service. Like any appliance, water softeners eventually need some work to continue running efficiently. Sometimes brine tanks will overfill thanks to a malfunctioning valve or other piece. Some create oddly colored deposits on plumbing fixtures due to poor softener efficiency. Other softeners seem to run for extended periods without producing the typical soft-water effect when showering. No matter the situation, our repair team will skillfully assess the problem and provide solutions.

From repairs to installations, Kenny’s Plumbing Service is the name to trust for quality workmanship and professional service in the Rockford, IL area. In addition to water treatments, we perform both residential plumbing and commercial plumbing services. Contact us at (815) 509-5845 to schedule an appointment and receive a quote or to ask us about our salt pellet delivery options.